Friday, December 2, 2011

Aussie Oi!

Hey, my fellow visitors from down under - I did certainly not forget you!

Well - while doing this and that paintjob, I looked at my flagchart once in a while and for a long time, the new visitors from Australia came in in a constant, but rather small way. So when I saw that since number 90 almost every or at least every second day a new Australian visitor arrived, I began to panic.
I made a lot of research, but found nothing but generally of British look for the Napoleonic period. Which was, of course, only historically logic. But I refused to do some WW1/2 stuff, it's simply not my sort of business.

And here's the solution. This is my contribution for the 100st new visitor from Australia and all that came in before and after him/her. One of the famous Australian lancers that fought in the Boer campaign in South Africa.

This set is from Strelets ( It contains a dozend of nicely done figures plus some really great horse poses. I like this set very much, although I will not paint all of them. I have currently chosen four figures and horses (the other riders are still in a 20% status) which will make up a nice and liveful little vignette later on.


  1. Lovely work, Zed! You've captured him perfectly!

    The horse, however, does not look like the typical 'waler (New South Waler) which was a cross breed between the English thoroughbred and Indian horses, bred for the thoroughbreds' speed and the Indian endurance and resistance to the heat. Strelets have again made them rather too chunky, but your painting of them excuses the sculpting!

  2. Hey Sascha this first one looks really nice painted. Can't wait to see the other ones!


  3. Great looking figure and very well painted.