Monday, September 3, 2012

Spanish results

Well - I have now finished most of the HaT Spanish infantry and therefore like to share the results with you all. What I have not painted yet are the three light infantry figures (officer, cornet, NCO) of the command set. They will, maybe, follow later.

These here are representing a marching coloumn of the Walloon guard regiment:
Yes - the musket of the NCO is painted. Some details look just terribly overlighted due to my photobox, don't they? Btw - at first, I just wanted to have these figures for my Spanish mounted officer from the yet not released Allied mounted officer set. And now look how great these figures look together:
A second group has already been attached to a base, which is still under construction. These fellows represent the Ultonia (Ulster) foreigner regiment.
Finally, here's an impression of how the grenadiers will look like. I made a headswap between an infantry soldier standing on guard and the grenadier drummer from the command set (because I missed to find an additional drum). These two represent grenadiers from the Zaragoza regiment.
Yes I know - the first picture is a bit unclear. I'll probably replace it later.
Btw - I contacted HaT and they promised me that the final set will have two drums inside, so both drummers can be equipped. ;-)

So what do you think? A nice buy or not?
If you ask me, I really like them. They are easy to paint, richly detailed and sculpted in a nice style (although they have somewhat fat butts, don't they?).


  1. yes a really nice buy! they look great, so not my era but still very nice. the colours are great too and the detail wow. wonderful work

  2. Wow! You've done an amazing job on the details like the bearskin bags and eyes. Brilliant!

  3. Dang Sascha!! Talk about major details here!! I'm proud of you sir!!


  4. Sascha.... Oh my.... the patterns on those bearskin mitres! These are just beautiful O.O

  5. Hello,

    Your figurines are beautiful.
    Could you tell me what documentation you found the caps of Spanish grenadiers ?
    thank you Loken