Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick and not-so-quick

*yawn* Autumn. Feels like, doesn't it?
Well. Whatever.

I had to play a bit. Back at Heiden, I got a set of Zvezda Russian hussars. Formidable figures, yes - but painting hussars is so... time consuming. Especially because unlike the Prussian ones, these have detailed saddlecloth that requires to paint very fine lines. I suppose that this specific little project will cost me several months. Maybe it's going to be a work worth entering the competition at Heiden 2013, but it will certainly take a lot of time.

Therefore, as I said, I had to play a bit. Experiment conditions: complete a mounted rider in under 3 hours.  The result is a quick-painted Naples cuirassier:

Nothing spectacular, I know. But well enough for the gaming table and a little relief to see that I have finished something. Having a handful of long-run projects on the list now, I need something like that feeling every now and then. ;-)

Btw - I have finished that Dorsenne guy from the Strelets dismounted French staff set. It's the guy with the sceptical face on the right side of the picture. That's one of the figures which went on and off my desk for months until I finally had the nerves to finish that bloody golden stuff on the backside of the uniform.
Great figures. I still have 13 of them left for painting. Well. 2015 would be a good date for completing that set, wouldn't it? ;-D


  1. These officers are... a little piece of art! You must have the hands of a surgeon! And the brush... would you show us a picture of the brush(es) used, please?


    1. Er... nothing special. Simple red marten hair brushes, 0/0 down to 4/0. Normally, I use a rather large brush for everything, just because it doesn't require to take up paint so often. The really small brushes are of use only for regions that cannot be reached with larger brushes.

      There's only one secret: a constantly sharp tip. The size of the brush itself becomes almost irrelevant - except for painting fine lines.

  2. Great stuff, you have managed to make these Strelets figures shine, something which I am still not able to do...