Monday, February 11, 2013

Very first miniatures!

This is an absolute premiere!
It's a first-time posting!

Here they are, the magnificient whatever-they-are-soldiers:

Great stuff!
Look at these colours!
And that horse!!!!

Well, okay - I'm kidding you a little bit. These are the results of my elder sons' first attempt to paint toy soldiers. He and a friend (both 6 years old) were totally bored of the fouly weather outside and were shaking all my nerves - so I decided to let them go wild with some of the figures I had little use of.
In fact, they left pretty much of a chaos, smeared half my desk and wasted lots of dyes - but they had hell lot of fun. And that's the most important thing, isn't it? :-D

Let's all remember the first time we had a brush in our hands and a figure right in front of us...


  1. And I bet they're really proud to feature on your blog, too! :-)

    Well done Zed Jr. and friend!

  2. Excellent, snag them into the hobby while they're still young and hate smelly girls!

  3. from small beginnings eh? they started younger than I did so you can expect great things from them! but beware soon they may become the masters of painting figures (but of coarse you'll always be in charge)

    and yes having fun is the most important thing! and tell them not only did they start earlier than I did tell them also their first figs were better than mine... its true you know.

    Ray has a point I might add get them to join the dark side before its too late!

  4. That's fantastic. Way to get them going! Guess we all started out this way.