Thursday, November 21, 2013

More metalheads!

Okay. Thanks to an incredibly fast packing and shipping service, I got a parcel full of more work to do today. I don't complain - I wanted it that way. So here are 29 new figures, waiting to become Westphalian line infantry.

I can only say that Schilling-Figuren ( is a great distributor.
Not only that they are reliable and fast, they also produce highly detailed metal figures which are worth their price (while being quite cheap in comparizon - another 'plus').

Well. This is going to be a long painting job, I guess. I never ever painted so many figures for one single sort unit - I just was too impatient for such a thing. I'm curious if I'll be able to manage it this time. :-)


  1. Metal!!! ?Metal!!!? :-D No,they look great.
    OOOOOH!! Herne in a couple of weeks!

  2. interesting and its always nice to hear about a story of good service.

  3. So you are into metal now...
    Looks great, now paint al the details for us!
    Have fun coloring these guys

  4. Excellent figures! You will love to paint them!