Thursday, June 5, 2014

This was FIGZ 2014

Man - where has time gone to? Everytime another FIGZ takes place, it rushes by and - woooosh - that was it. It was, again, a really great day, meeting so many good folks from Bennos' forum. It's always a pleasure to meet you, folks!

Oh - and thanks to Remco and Benno. FIGZ might be a smaller event then others, but it's always nice to be there. I'm already looking forward for meeting you guys at the ISSC show in Heiden - and you can already count me in for FIGZ 2015.

MABO at work
This time I have not shot many photos. I was simply too busy chatting with people, looking around, shopping and enjoying the opportunity just to sit among other hobbyists and paint a figure.
Who said it would be an easy way?

The Cambrai diorama gets more impressive every time I see it.
A bit later that day, I met the great figure sculptor Francesco from who showed me the prototypes of his forthcoming French horse artillery. This will be great sets with a great variety of poses. Another set soon to be produced will be Baden infantry - yes, no kidding. One of the biggest holes in the world of Napoleonic miniatures will finally be closed. I really can't wait to get my hands on them. :-D

I also got some great figures from Francesco - the beautiful Marins de la Garde and the brand new skirmishing Austrian hussars. Really fine sculpted stuff. I'm going to show them to you as soon as I'm done with painting them.

Oh - and of course there were competitions again. My multi figure dio (which will later be seen here because I made a work-in-progress photo report) lost. Again. But in fact, the competitors were too good again. I lost against a 16*16 men phalanx made by Konrad...
...and the 'last stand' against an Orc army, created by Andreas (OldWolf) who, a day before, didn't even know if he should drive to Arnhem or not.
Congratulations to both of you! And congrats to all other competitors as well, there was some great work on the tables. Which was the reason why Das_Dirch won the first price in the single figure arena. I'm nevertheless, as always, happy that I had won a price again. Here's 2nd price, single figures:

The figure is a Guard Chasseur a cheval from the old Revell set, a figure that Peter from send me quite a while ago. I simply wanted to paint that one for no other reason then the fun of it and it stood in my cabinet for nearly a year. Very easy to paint, very easy to place details - a lovely figure. Thanks very much for it, Peter - you sent me a real matchwinner.

Well - there's more to follow in the next weeks. I have to add another display of Pre-Bardin soldiers and to force myself to create a diorama for all these Westphalians.

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  1. Congratulations on 2nd prize, Zed! Lovely figure, too. Maybe you'll get 1st prize next year? ;-)