Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marshal Poniatowski

One figure that I've prepared for the competitions at this years' ISSC in Heiden was a miniature of Marshal Józef Antoni Poniatowski. The miniature is a metal figure from ART miniatures excellent range of Napoleonic personalities ( I originally bought it as a dedication to the Polish visitors of my blog but after having completed the vignette, I decided to put it first into the competition and then onto my blog - which was a wise decision because this one won a bronze medal at the single historic figure contest.

Commanding officer of the Polish troops in Napoleons armies, Marshal Poniatowski was the only non-French Marshal of the Grande Armee. He died in the battle of Leipzig on October 19, 1813.
I must confess that this figure lay about one year in my cupboard. Originally, it was sold together with the fur coat that can be seen on most of the paintings of Marsha Poniatowski in the field - but sadly, that piece of metal got lost somehow, so I had to paint the figure without it.

Much of the groundwork (cattail, grass, artificial water) I did buy at Fredericus Rex. The water lillies became necessary to cover up some mistakes that occured during my first try of creating a pond. In fact, they did their job really marvellously. Once again, I can only say that I have the highest respect for those people who are really good in creating dioramas which look like 'the real thing' - I will have to practise a lot in order to reach that level. But I'll try. ;-)

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