Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Pre-Bardin units

Hi folks!

I'm currently concentrating on making some progress in my pre-Bardin uniform project (
The last few weeks, I made some research for uniforms of Spanish regiments that were recruited under the rule of Napoleons' brother Joseph. They also wore the standard-French-style uniform and there were a dozend of different regiments - which on the one hand raised the number of still-to-be-painted figures, but on the other hand will enrich my figure portfolio with a lot of brown uniforms.

So here are the 'news':

First in line are the Voltigeurs for the 2nd foreign regiment (Isembourg) who wore, over a period of eight years, at least four different uniform designs. With the grenadiers being already done, I have the chasseurs and command still remaining to be painted.

First unit in the next line of 'Spaniards under French command' are the guards of Joseph Napoleon. The first image that I had seen about this unit came from the Vinkhuizen collection, but there are rare pictures of these men on old paintings etc. as well - you just have to search long enough.

One unit I wanted to start with for a long time are these guys - fusiliers of the four light infantry regiments of the kingdom of Italy. Basic time for these guys is 1812.

While I'm posting this, I have a small display of Kingdom of Holland 2nd light infantry nearly finished. I have also painted 4 of 5 figures of the Bataillon Septinsulaire. In addition, I started converting figures for the 7 Spanish (occupied) line infantry regiments and the 1812 Spanish (occupied) Jagers. First figure is ready for the French 32nd line infantry regiment (white uniforms) - more then 20 figures altogether.

This may sound like a 'big project boost' - but keeping in mind that there's still more then 200 figures 'to go', it's merely one small leap forward.


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