Sunday, March 8, 2015

The 'Benno's Figures Forum Famous Waterloo Project'

Jan (MaBo) from Bennos' forum had a nice idea. Because of this years' 200 year anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, he wanted to create a display that shows all the troops that fought there, represented by painted figures from all different 1/72 plastic figure producers.

The results shall be showed at this years' FIGZ exhibition in Arnhem, June 7 (
Many forum users from all over the world started to paint their contributions. Every unit type is represented by just one single figure. Until April, they will send their works to Jan who shapes them all up for the display. This is a really great international hobby project, bringing together people who have never met each other in real life.

I'm participating in this project as well. My contributions so far:
Prussia - Brandenburg hussar

Britain - line infantry, light company
I'm also painting a Prussian line infantry flagbearer for this project and - perhaps - some other things. You can watch the general progress on Bennos' forum under

Next posting will be the Kingdom of Italy guard velites - I'm currently doing the basework.


  1. Excellent work !
    I'm not able to do a so good work on my French Line Infantry.... neither for the Prince of Orange !!
    I will say that the most important is to participate !! ;)

  2. Of course it is!
    There are so many different people with so many different painting styles&skills taking part - every contribution will look different! That's what makes this project such an interesting piece of art.

    ...and I'm curious for your figures. :-)

  3. Great job, love the Brandenburg hussar!