Sunday, May 8, 2016

Brunswickers ready for groundworks

Today I'm going to start some groundworks again, because my display of Brunswickers must be ready for FIGZ.
I bought some Brunswickers from Schilling figures back at the ISSC show in Heiden last year in order to paint the different uniform patterns of Brunswick troops at the battles of the 100 days campaign. There were guards, line and light infantrymen present at Waterloo and although (except from the light avantgarde infantry) they all wore black uniform, there were little differences between the battalions, such as collar colours and differently coloured stripes on trouser sides.

So finally, I ended up with 9 figures. Putting them into a frame looked somehow odd, especially because I had to make a different factsheet for explaining the difference between these figures. Therefore, I had to go and by some broader wood. And now, I'm ready to finalize this project.

The figures themselve are nicely modelled, although the bajonets look a bit short. They are mounted on very small bases - you have to glue them onto a crown cap or something similar for painting because if you only use tweezers, the figures will snap off time after time.
The reason why I bought them in the first place was that I liked to paint black. There's in fact not much to do about it - paint them dark grey, add dark black shades, highlight folds in mid grey. So much for the theory, because there's much highlighting to be done, folds have to be accentuated carefully and then there are those Hussar-style laces on the uniform breasts that take you some time to be done accurately.

Nevertheless, I like the results. Although I wouldn't like to paint a hundred of these chaps, the ones I painted were fun to paint. 

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  1. Again some excellent painted figures Sascha! Just like me you painted teh figures first in dark grey (I use Revell tank grey for that) and then highlighting with black. Schilling makes real nice figures!
    If I come to FIGZ I will have a closer look at these! ;-)