Sunday, December 4, 2016

French colonial troops

Did I mention how sick I am about that lousy photo situation I'm in?
Yes, I know - I'm a lazy dog that has said how urgently he needs to build a good photobox, but I still didn't find the time to do so. Today, I thought that I would have excellent light conditions, so I made a few snapshots. And guess what? The result still doesn't convince me. Nevertheless, as a sign of life, I hereby present you something rather unusual.

Although the French lost their American territories to the British, they still had a number of colonies, including islands in the Carribean sea and around Africa. I found it interesting to see that these batallions (which was what they were in numbers: regular batallions, strenghtened up with local militia) really had their own uniforms. So here's the first display, including example soldiers for the islands of Reunion, Seychelles and Guadeloupe.
Personally, I like the Reunion uniform the most. It looks not even French at all - no blue and merely some white on it.

Right at the moment, I have the next bunch of Austrian-Hungarian fusiliers on my desk. I'm not too much in a hurry with them, because for completing the diorama that I have in mind, I will need a firing line of Baden infantry plus 'em Baden jagers. That will require some additional time and money that I currently don't have, so until then, it's proceeding with the many other figures that I already own.

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