Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy, Just busy.

I sat in front of my figures this morning and just thought 'oh my god'. It's more than fifty things laying just before my eyes and it somehow feels as if I wouldn't ever finish that. Well - we'll see.

I just finished at least two little setups of figures for my ongoing list of pre-Bardin French uniforms on Bennos' forum ( This time it's some soldiers from the Valais regiment (Swiss) and the grand duchy of Frankfurt (another Confederation of the Rhine state):

Yes, pictures are not the best again. Plus I should stop to do macro photos. And I must confess that although I wanted to go on with some other things, I spent a little bit lesser time especially on the Frankfurters than I should have.

Whatever. Want to have a closer look at what's going on in my little workshop of horrors?
Here you are!

This is the Italian job - just started (seven Italian line infantry regiments display)

And here is the rest of the Strelets French staff set, all in different stages of painting.

Oh - and that's my workbench in total. With all the unfinished business on it.
At least I can say that I won't run out of objects in the near future. Keep the good work going, folks!


  1. Very nice work on the painting. Your table looks like mine, full of figures waiting to get painted!

  2. Glad to see that all work spaces seem to look similar.

    What is it about this dinosaur in the back, do they have it as a kind of nasty secret weapon?