Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow. 5000 Pageviews!

My fellow visitors, I'm astonished. I had a look at the statistics of the last two weeks and was really impressed by the fact that I have around 35-40 visitors on this page every day. Wow.
I can only say thank you for liking my little Napoleonic figure world.

Or in other words: I salute you!

I just quickly finished one of my Strelets French staff set generals for this event.

Apart from that, I've finished a little (or big - it just depends) surprise for the Italian visitors which seemingly reach 100 new visitors in the next few days. ;-)

I just experimented a lot with face detail painting in the last days. I hope that you'll like it - please leave me some comments what you think about it. The way I have painted this particular face, is as well quick as it shows a good result. The basic coat is a Rayher flesh acrylic, then the face lines around nose, chin, mouth etc. are shadowed with GW OgrynFlesh washing. Then a small line of GW ElfFlesh on cheeks and chin and finally a highlight with a 1:1 mixture or Rayher white and flesh - done.

So what's next? To be honest: I have no clue. I still have all these Strelets French staff members to do, but after looking into 'Soldiers and uniforms of Napoleonic Wars' (Hourtoulle/Girbal/Courcelle), I decided to paint some examples of the Naples guard grenadiers in early uniforms - especially because the flag group from the Strelets staff set corresponds to that.

At least, I'm still painting and having fun with it - which is the most important thing, isn't it?


  1. A nice paintjob Zed and well done on 5k views!!!

  2. I salute you too, sir!!
    A very good figure!

  3. Congrats Sascha with the 5k. And that's an excellent painted figure, with good attention on the details!


  4. Yes Sas, I did vissit your blog 4999 times, wounder who was that other vissitor, hahahaha
    No seroius, congrats my friend, and must say I am impressed by this colorfull figure, with eye of detail!

    Greetings Remco

  5. Congrats Zed. Really nice paint job too.