Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And another 100!

So the next 100st first visitor country is complete: Italy!
Buon giorno to you and thanks for coming here!

I have therefore prepared a line of soldiers representing the seven Italian line infantry regiments in 1812. Much white again, I hope you like it.

Again, I had the opportunity to get forward with my pre-1812 uniform pattern project. The figures are, also again, from the HaT set 8095. I'll put them on a small strip of wood with a little text label on front, but I have not found the right piece yet, so - again - this is a part that has to wait.

I must confess that I'm happy with the way of style I discovered for painting the faces. Here's a closeup:
Just to remember: those are just two poses of marching fusiliers. I painted every face solely and was myself puzzled about the different expressions on those faces when I put them side-by-side.

Next would be to add some light infantry to that display... my oh my, I still have more than 120 uniform patterns left to finish this project. I still haven't enough time for finishing the next ones (Napolitanian guard grenadiers) and yesterday evening, I had a spin-off idea that again distracted me from the 'main work', but will certainly result in some interesting units that are not seen so often...
...but more of that later. ;-)