Saturday, February 25, 2012

Naples guard grenadiers

Hey-ho, friends and folks!

Just a little update from the point of madness, were ill children cough all day long, bringing daddy the flu that he had missed for so long... *ha-cheeeew!!!*

Well... *sniff*. I'm still busy with base building. Which is because I'm pretty active in other fields of family business as well. So time for figure painting is rare and valuable. At least, I managed to continue with my Naples velites a cheval - and I finished some figures again:
They represent the early guard grenadier uniforms of around 1810, before the single breast uniforms were introduced. The setup of the bearskins gave me the creeps, because I had sources saying different things, but I decided to go on with the plateless version that was later indicated in two sources. Nappie painting can be so irritating...

Hope you like them - there's more of these colourful guys to come, trust me.
Thanks for watching - I'm off for painting again!

CU later!


  1. Zed,
    I enjoy your work/blog very much. You a have deep sense for those little poses.


  2. Thank you very much for your posting - that's one of the best compliments one can get for such a work.
    I never thought about it in this way, but thinking about it more deeply, it may be the result of an intense relationship - these sets' guys and I are sharing a lot of time... ;-D