Monday, May 28, 2012

One week left until FIGZ

Yesterday, I printed some labels and placeholders in order to bring a bunch of single figures onto bases for FIGZ. From time to time, I painted representatives of various units in a sort of random mode - which results in a couple of new 'under construction' bases...

I'm currently working on several new Westphalian cuirassiers, having finished 3 for the 1st regiments and having five riders for the lifeguard cuirasssiers at 80%. I started to paint the horses, but with the given time, I think I won't have them completed soon.

Basically, business is killing my painting time. I had to concentrate on other things like tax declarations, Blog preparations, Facebook sites, bookkeeping, writing letters to different companies, etc.
This is all for my wifes' art shop (, where she produces lots of creative things made out of paper or adhesive/non-adhesive foils. So if anyone of you needs a 100*60cm tank siluette on the wall or paper-built toy soldiers for decorating your hobbyroom windows, just let me know ;-)

Oh - and I'd like you to like that shop on facebook (just search for 'Mischpalette'), if you don't mind. We still need a bunch of clicks there in order to get the statistics functions activated. Thanks!

Okay, boys and girls - hope to see you all at FIGZ in Arnhem next weekend!