Saturday, May 5, 2012

Upcoming event: FIGZ 2012 !

Today, I like to announce that another FIGZ is going to take place on the 3rd of June in Arnhem, the Netherlands!

For those who yet don't know this charmful, little event, here are some pics from 2011:

I was there last year and really enjoyed it - lot's of dioramas, vignettes, figures over figures, painted by real great 1/72scale painting artists. I suppose that there will again be several traders at the show (hopefully Schilling miniatures, Fredericus Rex, etc.) - so if you have the time to travel to Arnhem, you should not miss this little event.

If lightning doesn't strike me, I'll gonna be there and take some of my figures with me. So it's also a good possibility for meeting me and some other bloggers. 

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  1. best of luck. I really get envious of all you other bloggers meeting up. maybe one day I'll meet up with some of you. but it won't be at the figz event