Monday, August 3, 2015

An experiment: Berg chevaux leger

I stumbled accross a picture of a light cavalry lancer of the Grand duchy of Berg (one of the many German minor states allied with Napoleon), dressed up in white and crimson (or dark pink, if you like). It fascinated me so much that I wanted to have one of my own.

Unfortunately, this is a unit not produced in 1/72 - as far as I know. I had to build one. But how?
At first: the uniform is basically that of a line lancer, except from the cords and strings and - of course - the Czapka hat. Czapkas were Ulans' hat of choice - but who has single lancers and single Ulan heads? Franznap has. So I placed a small order.

This is how the result looks like.
Second epaulette, cords and the small ribbons on the button sides have been added with green stuff.

Same with the Czapka, where I added cords, plume and the front plate.

I can't help loving that uniform. Flamboyant, colourful and well... something different then the usual black, blue and green.

Quite a lot of people have painted up some conversions - now I've got my own one.

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