Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All the best for 2016!

Damn! Where has 2015 gone to?
Another year is passing by. Only a few hours and 2015 will be history.
A year that, for me, had a good start but didn't end all too well. We will see if 2016 will be an improvement or... whatever. Me and my family are at good health (after the flu catched us during the holidays), we have a roof over our head, a water tap that provides clean water, enough food storage that spares us from starvation and we mustn't fear that all that might be bombed away just the other day. In other words: although I'm far from being a wealthy man, at least me and my family can enjoy more life comfort then most of the people on this planet.

Let's not forget: if that's your life standard too, you're privileged. Be thankful for that and give your share to others!

But let's get back to the hobby. Last year, I made a plan for 2015. Let's have a look how much I have fulfilled that.

- Baden infantry and command (Franznap) - DONE
- Completing my vignette for Heiden competition – DONE (won bronze medal)
- Completing my single figure for Heiden competition – DONE (won experience)
- Completing the 7 Franco-Spanish line infantry fusiliers - DONE
- Completing the 33rd French line inf. rgt. (white uniforms) – DONE
- Kingdom of Italy guard infantry - DONE
- Kingdom of Italy velites – DONE
- Guards of Milano and Venice – done Milano, failed Venice
- Kingdom of Italy colonial troops and coast guards - DONE
- Regiment Illyrien - DONE
- Kingdom of Naples light infantry voltigeurs, carabiniers and command – FAILED
- Baden guard grenadiers - FAILED

Okay. That's not a 100% performance, but not that bad at all. But what was my actual painting performance this year?

  • Baden infantry (12 foot, 1 mounted)
  • Anti-Zombie-Squad vignette for Heiden contained 7 figures
  • Single figures for Heiden and FIGZ contests – 2 figures
  • Foot soldiers for my Pre-Bardin-uniform project - 56
  • Franznap Austrian hussars and lancers – 8 mounted figures
  • French dragoons – 4 figures (mounted)
  • Brunswick infantry - 6
  • 2 Berg chevaux legers with one horse
  • 1 civilian (see above)

That's a total amount of 90 figures on foot and 14 mounted ones. More then in 2013, but less then in 2014. Taking into account almost 3 months of time during which I nearly didn't paint anything at all due to moving to another place and managing my new job, I regard this years' output as well enough.

So what's up for 2016?
On the one hand, I'll have to proceed with my PreBardin-project. I found some new uniform pages which raised the total uniform number to 401, which means I'm still half-way through, having 197 figures left to be painted.

I will, of course, also make some pieces for the forthcoming FIGZ and this years' Heiden ISSC. Possible features for these may include antitank obstacles, Kois and time travelling. ;-)
In fact, I'm planning to finish some old projects of mine. The Russian hussars, for example. I had some ideas in the last three years for which I bought figures (or the other way round), but I never finished – or even started – these projects. With all these great figures that Alex, Francesco and others are producing, I decided that I cannot wait any longer. If I do, I'll end up with a hundred ideas and some thousand figures sooner or later.

The plan for 2016:

  • One single- and one multi figure vignette for Heiden ISSC
  • One single-figure vignette for FIGZ
  • Baden jagers (which I must still buy)
  • Completing my 12 Russian-hussar-regiments display
  • 4 other Austrian lancers
  • Voltigeurs and command of the seven Italian line infantry regiments
  • Fusiliers of the Kingdom of Hollan line infantry regiments
  • French colonial troops
  • Guards of Venice
  • Garde de Paris, white, green and red uniforms

Sounds manageable. But we will see. ;-)

Thanks to all my regular visitors. It's nice to have you here and share my work with me. To all 'comrades in hobby' – keep up your brushes and enjoy painting!
May you all have a great New Year – goodbye 2015, let's welcome 2016!

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