Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My current paintwork - Brunswickers, Dragoons and Hussars

Well - christmas time is coming. For my family, this means particularly to tidy and clean the rooms because we'll have a few family members coming to visit us. Half a year after we have moved into a smaller appartment, we have still some boxes left and some stuff to be sorted.

When will the holidays start and give me lots of painting time? sigh

In regard to the Brunswickers, I have painted 5 of 9.
On the right side, you can see the representants of the three line batallions.
Additionally, we have the lifeguard and the light infantry of the avantgarde.
Light infantry batallions and avantgarde 'gelernte jaeger' are still under construction.

Oh - and then, it's people on horseback once again. I can't stand mounted figures too much. As I said for a multiple times, didn't I? Nevertheless, sometimes you can't avoid it. For a forthcoming diorama project, I needed some rather relaxed French dragoons.

I found them at www.schmaeling.de - the group contains four figures of which you can see two here.
The muskets are delivered separately which allows some modfications. I really like the fact that the figures are modelled together with the saddlecloth - it fits much better onto the horses as it does when only the rider has to fit into a saddle that has been modelled onto the horse.

Which brings me to the next story - Austrian hussars, made by Franznap. Brilliant stuff - the figures are really detailed down to the button. But in case of these sets, you need to be a bit careful because not every rider fits good onto every horse.
Francesco Messori models rider and horse much more as a unit. They fit perfectly together as long as you take the correct horse for a specific rider. As all other figures in this posting, these are metal figures.
For some reason, I haven't painted many plastic figures in the last months. Probably, the range of different units and poses is much greater in the metal figure market.

Which doesn't mean that I'm not continuing my long-term-PreBardin-uniform project. I've started to work on Italian line voltigeurs and French reserve companies, but this'll take more time to get finished just because of the higher number of figures in these units.

Anyway, the year is coming to it's end. I hope that I'm going to finish these hussars - I have laborated on them for months. It's time to get this small project finished.

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