Sunday, July 31, 2016

French Cantiniere

Here's something a bit unusual that I bought back at FIGZ this year: a French cantiniere, made by Hagen miniatures. It comes together with a French casualty begging for a last drink.

This figure also comes together with a number of goods and equipment that you can glue onto her 'belt' - but when using all that stuff, the figure looks a bit overloaded to me, so I left that stuff behind. In addition, that woman is pretty small. In comparizon to the normal 1/72 infantryman, she appears to represent a woman who would be in real life not larger then 145 to 150 cm. Nevertheless, this figure is a nice addition when you've painted a greater number of firing/reloading infantry.

If you want to know about the women serving as Cantinieres in the French army, here's a good article: Cantinieres

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