Sunday, July 24, 2016

Italian Light Infantry Voltigeurs

In addition to my Pre-Bardin unform project, here are the Voltigeurs for the four light infantry regiments of the Kingdom of Italy. Again, I can only say that I like that green.

For this unit, only command and grenadiers (carabiniers) are missing and then it's done.

In the last weeks, I have been busy with some other stuff. For example, I painted some figures that I bought at the booth of Hagen miniatures at the FIGZ. I also bought a set of Austrian Hungarian line infantry command, which is currently under construction. And then, there are Amazons. Another great challenge, because painting a figure without clothes is something completely different.

Oh - and I finished this years' special collectors' figure for FIGZ and put in on the forum:
Every year, Alex from Moscow models a special figure for FIGZ. He is - in my eyes - one of the greatest miniature modelers. If you don't know him and his work, have a look at his website:

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  1. Lovely work on those figures! The attention to detail blows my mind!