Sunday, September 11, 2016

ISSC Heiden 2016

To my regret, this year marked the very last time of an event that I have joined as an exhibitor for several years now: the international small scale convention (ISSC) in Heiden, Germany. The organizers have decided to merge the show with the Euromodelexpo and move the whole thing to Lingen, a one hours' drive up to the north.

I'm still unsure whether to join in or not, because it has also been decided to let the event take place over a whole weekend, which would require to book a hotel for the night plus being away from the family for two days and so on and so on. Well - we'll see.

For this time, I can only say that it was a great day at Benno's figures forum booth. The competitions won me two medals (bronze and silver) - and I have been virtually 'beaten' by my elder son (10) who won a gold medal for his antique Greek warriors (nevertheless, I'm happy for him ;-)). Once again, I have learned a lot from other modeler's advice and tips that will help me with my future projects. So beware - there are several things to come.

For now, here are uncommented pictures from the show - just enjoy!


  1. Great pictures Sascha! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Nice pictures, and nice to see you and your son again.
    There was a lot of nice and good work to see, yeah yours as well.
    Even your son did well, great to see!
    I hope next year we can work something out to be on the new show.