Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prussian cuirassier (1813) conversion

One of the units that are badly missing in our hobby are Prussian cuirassiers.
For some strange reason, we only find Prussian hussars, dragoons and lancers in plastic - and apart from the 1815 Prussian hussars, I personally find all of these sets ugly or inaccurate (especially the Italeri dragoons and the new HaT hussars are top-ugly in my opinion). Nobody seems to have cared about the Prussian cuirassiers.

Why is that? I only found some manufactured by ART miniatures, but these are made out of lead.
After doing some research, I think it's because the history of the Prussian cuirassiers. During the army reforms that followed Prussias defeat in 1806, their uniform changed to a version similar to the Russian dragoon outfit. But with Prussia being literally bankrupt, it couldn't afford to equip its' cuirassiers with cuirasses - so during the 1813 campaigns, they went into battle without shining armour.
In 1814, on the road to Paris, they were able to equip themselves out of formerly French stocks. So after that time, they wore the cuirass, which changed in design in 1815...

...apropos 1815: the cuirassier regiments were not present on the fields of Ligny and Waterloo, because they (and the Prussian guard infantry) were assigned to a different army corps that was to take care of Napoleons armies if they had marched further to the east.

So I suppose it's the limited useability that prevented the plastic figure manufacturers to take care of that subject. But there's a solution to it. Look at this:

I took one of Strelets' Russian dragoons and lengthened the horse hair on the top of the crest. The horse saddlery was modified with pistol pouches and a rolled cloth - and that's all.
As you can see, one could create lots of 1813 Prussian cuirassiers with little modification work.
I'm a bit unhappy with the horses of this set. They have all relatively bad proportions, especially ath the backside and the head and many have strange leg positions. But the overall outcome is alright, I guess.

So happy April - I hope that you'll see more of new work from me this month.


  1. Wirklich schöne Arbeit und sehr dynamische Darstellung.

  2. good one my friend. I am pleased to see that you succeded in your undertakings once agasin. I love cuirassiers they are my favoutite type of post 16th centuary cavalry (none shall suppass the conquistadors and gothic knights in my opinion