Thursday, April 5, 2012

A short trip to wherever

I'm currently tying loose ends - or in other words: I try to finish things that I've had laying around for quite a long time. Luckily, this means I finish more things then was usual in the past few weeks.
So today I present you a couple of Westphalian voltigeurs (7th line infantry regiment) - the only ones that I found pictured in the double-breasted uniform.

I would have made a label for it - unfortunately I'm having a problem with my printer. So the space remains empty for a while.
I have had these figures on my desk for a couple of weeks. Originally, I just wanted to add some buddies to the guy on the right side. I've painted that one nearly a year ago, but as it was the only Westphalian in that uniform, it would have made a poor display. Well - finally I have made it.

Next step will be a piece of cavalry that layed half painted in my cabinet for months.


  1. very nice my friend. we all have loose ends to tie up. that is why for my moderns I am determined to get them all done before I get the urge to change era

  2. very good work on the white and the details!
    (even if in my opinion the figures are not "Wow !!!!!!!!!" )