Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm really puzzled. I have had to downgrade myself.

You know - I started that pre-bardin uniform project quite a while ago and since months, I had some unfinished units standing in my cabinet. When I recently decided to finish these units, I faced a strange fact: my painting style has changed quite a lot during the last 15 months. Having a look at the older work of mine, I had to emulate an older, less detailed way of painting.

Strange fact. But I hope the difference is not too obvious. So here they are, finished at the end:
Naples light infantry fusiliers of all four regiments.
I have also finished the drummer for the Principality of Hannover legion, the last thing missing here is the officer:

My current list of started, but unfinished units contains:
- 1st Swiss regiment
- 1st French foreign regiment
- 1st Croatian infantry regiment
- Italian light infantry carabiniers

Regarding the Italians, I guess it's better to disband the guards and velites and do them all over again - if I paint the rest of these troops and put them together on the same base, they would look far too different from each other.

This teaches me a lesson: continue the things you've started until they are finished. ;-)


  1. Me like!!
    A collection grows over time and your painting skills also grow.."Problem"...you can then compare older figs with the latest ones...:-D
    I just don´t look anymore ;-D

  2. I agree with paul. but I must say that ever since the last post I was looking at the smaller details... oh I got my first sets of nappies (not my first but the first of this type) for my army... I just need to finalise a uniform... if I catch you on chat I may ask for assistance on that.

    anyway I like the cuffs, they drew my attention, 3 buttons with highlights on the 2 let figures, however I noted that the plume on the left centre figure was ringed by the same red which is on the outer lefts jacket while the outer lefts figure appears to have green around the plume. oh and the obvious differences in the decoration on those shako's. Told you I got cursed