Friday, December 28, 2012

May I finish that within 3 days?

Probably not. I don't know how you guys feel about such things, but it leaves me with a slightly disappointed feeling to see so much unfinished work shortly before the year ends.
I wanted to bring at least my Spanish Walloon guards onto an adequate base, but it's still stuck in elementary groundwork stage. *sigh*
Btw - I made my first experiment with figure modelling. As you can see, it didn't come far. I already got the creeps building that b* wire model. When it was ready, I started with that greenstuff thingy. Well. It is sticky. It is gluey. It is loaded with lots of Bisphenol A. And although I worked in the way mentioned in all those how-to's (including rubbery rubber gloves), I ended up with that... dunno.
It was an experiment. Starting to put the greenstuff onto the wire model, it bend itself into odd positions. Maybe I'll make soe sort of scarecrow model out of this. Or abandon it completely.
Seems not to be my part of the story anyway. X-D

So... just have some relaxing rest-of-the-year-days. I'll be back in 2013!


  1. The dio looks good..more pics!
    As for sculpting....brave of you. I tried and never again :-D
    Happy new year

  2. well all the best for the new year... oh set your goal for the 4th, thats my birthday :-D 4 extra days. anyway carry on with that sculpt your using a better material than I do and its turing out 100% better than my first sculpt trust me, and you have all the equipment. best of luck with the painting, basing and sculpting for the rest of the year and the next... I wish you a happy, healthy and hobby filled new year.