Friday, December 21, 2012

This world ends in 1.20 minutes

Well. Depending on where you are. Or am I wrong?
Dunno. I don't believe in this sh... anyway, so why should I care about all these end-of-the-world-babble, eh?

What I actually know is that it's only three days left until christmas and that the children are already pretty curious for the presents and the xmas meal. So am I - although in my case, it's all about the meals. ;-)

The strange thing is that at this very moment, I cannot show you any new pictures because everything that I've finished in the past two weeks is either already intended for the painting competitions of next year (and yeah, hussars are a pain in the a**, Ben, if you read this - I can fully understand you) or for some special presentation on this blog. Later on - because I still miss a delivery containing two very urgently needed figures. Can you hear me, Tom? *sigh*

So what can I do? I just lean back, make a snapshot and wish you a...
All the best for you and your families! Make a wish and always remember: it's not about getting presents. It's about giving! ;-)


  1. I think that it's too late for the end of the world!
    so I can wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
    Christmas is a sort of Thanks Giving, that's a good thing...

  2. Getting or giving presents, depends on your age! And I'll always be a child! :P

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas Zed. I hope you have a good time with the family and get to forget about little wooden heads for a while!

  4. merry christmas!!!! it was funny looking at the official site for the nonense as when the countdown got to 0 and nothing happened it reset to 20,000 days... anyway all I can hope is that all the idiots who thought it was the end of the world will be so embarrised never to shout out such rubbish again.