Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And another Hurray!

Today, it's time to cheer up again for another country with more then 100 visitors on this page.
Many thanks go to Belgium this time!

And what is more easy then painting some good old Belgian line infantry?

Here it is! Thanks to Peter from http://peterscave.blogspot.de/, who sent me these little HaT fellows.
Sort of a quickpaint job, but almost the best I was able to do without spending weeks for these figures.
Nevertheless, I like that set. The figures are nicely modelled - only the extra plastic and some naughty mouldlines are doing bad for some of the poses.

So thanks again for visiting this place!


  1. Very nice Zed. Lovely figures and a really nice paint job.

  2. they are very nicely done Sascha I must say that even though you did not take as long with them to my eyes they are still well up to standard! I just looked at the flag chart down bottom I suppose that poland is next? I do like the uniform on these guys the warm blue is very comforting though I guess on a battlefield that that makes no difference as you foes are not going to shoot you just because your uniform is cool!

    once again great work and a wonderful site, my intentions now are to make sure New Zealand gets over 100 page views as then you could paint some brave maori warriors... as of coarse I highly doubt that (m)any people who settled here or traded here returned to take up arms for the wars in europe until later on in the 19th century and the certainly did go in the 20th.

  3. You did a wonderfull job on these fellow countrymen of me! And that without using blacklining! ;-D Just teasing Sascha!
    I really love how you did the grey trousers! Excellent shading on them!

    You're giving me to much honour, but thank you for the link back!