Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy thanks to the Dutch / drawing plans for 2013

Okay, you dutchie Oranjes!
You belong to the Top-10 of the visitors on this blog and so you have deserved to get your '100+' figure!

And here it is:
Hehehehehe, I guess some people would have expected some Waterlooey figure, right?
No, it is not. This is a Marine of the Kingdom of Holland which I found in a collection of old Suhr pictures - and a simple and quick conversion of a French line infantry figure from HaT.

So thanks to the Dutch - if there hadn't been that Dutch guy who founded, I would certainly not be in that kind of hobby. At least not in that intensity. :-D

Which brings me to the next thing: plannings.
Everybody seems to be fond of analysing last years' performance an drawing plans for 2013 these days. At least I have read such things on several blogs now. Well... what about me...?
Reading such things, I reflected my own work of 2012:

I have completed 81 foot soldiers, 18 mounted figures.  25 foot figures and 18 mounted figures are in different stages of preparation. Not very impressive, when I compare that with the output of people like Paul ( or Tamsin ( But I'm fine with that . Although I sometimes wish to be a faster painter in order to finish my projects sooner as I currently can, I have learned that what counts most is to be happy with the results - and I am.

Well - the figure above will add to my long-run project 'pre-Bardin uniform variations' ( Looking at these Suhr pictures, I discovered that the Kingdom of Holland had a number of additional versions of the original pre-Bardin uniform version I had not known before. So I made an Excel sheet and studied all my reference material in order to find out how many figures I have already painted and how many are still to be painted for completing the whole task.
The answer is somewhat disturbing. I have currently 281 versions in my list of which I have painted 75. This leaves me with 218 figures to be painted. Ugh.

And what does that mean for my plans? At first, I decided to make at least  two single figure vignettes for FIGZ and the ISSC in Heiden this year. I'm also working on a special display for the multi-figure contest in Heiden. Apart from that, I want to finish the groundwork for my little Spaniards' vignette and add some figures to my long-run-project-regiments list.
This includes finishing at least:
- all not yet painted Swiss regiments (3 are left, of which I have one on 75%)
- soldiers for the regiments Isle de Ré and Walcheren (currently at 50%)
- Baden foot guards (one at 90%)
- Wurzburg light infantry and regimental artillery
- 1st provisional Croatian infantry
- King Joseph Napleons' Spanish guard grenadiers
- Italian light infantry

So far so good. Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeee !!!

Oh - and Happy New Year to you all!


  1. OH WOW!

    Jen and I are looking at this picture and clearly you have advanced in the mastery of 1/72!

    Very happy for you my friend, I know for sure this is getting better and better!

    Warm regards and happy new year!


  2. Wow very nice work!!! and I think that your year last year was certainly very impressive even if the output was small compared to others.

    quality or quantity which ever you choose to do, which ever makes you happiest... only a few like those you named seem able to produce both.