Monday, January 14, 2013

And the next big 'thank you' goes to:


Thanks for your interest in my little work!
I know that many great miniature artists come from Russia, including some really great sculptors. Keep up the good work, folks! Well - this is for you. From Zvezdas great set of Russian hussars:
A trooper of the Alexandria hussar regiment in his splendid black uniform. I must confess that among all Russian hussar uniforms of that time, I like the black ones the most.

I suppose that one day I shall put a greater focus on Russian troops of the Napoleonic wars. Seems as if there's much to discover there. :-D


  1. great work, I guess that you are lucky that there are not so many people looking at this site from New Zealand... I don't know what you could do then.

  2. Wow, Zed, I´m impresed, you are better every day!!! It´s beautifull!