Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FIGZ is getting closer!

Only a few days left until FIGZ 2013!

Just a reminder: FIGZ will take place in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on the 2nd of June.
Anyone who is interested in 1/72 figures, small miniature painting and modelling should consider to visit this nice little eent - it's worth the journey.

I'm quite happy that I have managed to finish another legacy - the 1st rgt. etranger (Tour d'Auvergne), which was one of the first things I started for my pre-Bardin uniform project. It started with two painted figures and stood in my cabinet for far too long.

Shortly before the FIGZ is going to start, I'm happy with having finished almost all of my units, except from the Baden guard grenadiers. The Italian guards&velites will be abandoned - I don't feel comfortable with the old results, I think that I can do better with that subject.
And for the 33rd - still under construction. ;-)

Next thing will be the Tirailleurs du PĆ“ - because my wife said so. Must be the nice blue uniforms. ;-)


  1. very nice stuff there. they look good in green. as well as a multitude of other colours. still very nice and very detailed painting.

  2. Hey Sas, these look good and I am glad I can see them next week!
    Love the basing as well ;-)
    Keep up the good work, and CU next week!