Monday, May 6, 2013

FIGZ is near!

Hurry up, folks! It's only a few weeks left until FIGZ 2013. On June 2nd, wargamers and miniature painters can be stared at in Arnhem. And yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

I still have some labels left to be printed. Unfortunately, the printer doesn't work as expected. Looks as if technology is not my friend these days. Guess what I still haven't found? Right. The **** camera.
Whatever. I'm prepared. Hehe.

Almost three weeks without a single brushstrike - my hobbyplace is a building lot right now because my wife thought it's about time to renovate our complete home. Well, it's itching in my fingers to finish the 33rd French regiment, but I suspect that I will not have it ready for FIGZ - perhaps until the ISSC in Heiden. We will see.

Fact is: I have something ready for the competitions at Arnhem and *giggle* Peter - without saying too much, it will have to do with goats. ;-)

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  1. goats? I that's interesting. bugger I should have started digging earlier... oh well I hope you have a good time.