Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ready for FIGZ

Okay, friends, followers, random visitors - it's about time.
Whoever is interested in small plastic guys and vehicles should come and visit FIGZ in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on Sunday the 2nd of June. Yes. That means NEXT SUNDAY!

Yay, I'm really anticipating for this event since days. It'll be great to meet all these great hobbyists I know from Bennos' figure forum. Great guys, great day - a whole day out with the boys, enjoying the marvellous works of other painters. I suspect that there will be lots of nice new painting work and a lot of real eyecandy to be seen.

Btw - I managed at least to bring some of the white/purple Frenchies onto a base, but it's not completely finished yet. Therefore, there's no picture before FIGZ and the people visiting the show will be the first to see those strange uniformed guys.
In the meantime, I have started to paint the tirailleurs du Po. Nice blue and white colours.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out a belonging officers' uniform for them. Maybe some of my followers may help me?

Well - the box is filled with figures. I have my competition entry ready. I have some spare money for buying new equipment, perhaps a new figure or two and - of course - the limited special FIGZ figure 2013, created by the formidable Alex:

CU all at FIGZ!

(P.S.: and afterwards, I promise to post lots of photos and a post-FIGZ report for those who can't visit the event.  ;-))

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