Sunday, April 14, 2013

Uuh... 100 pieces...

...and still I have not found the bloody camera. Damn thing. Where the heck may it be?
Now that I have actually finished 100 figures for my pre-Bardin uniform project, I still can't show you. ***sh
This is really disgusting.

Today, I finished the last of the three 1806 Italian light infantry carabiniers and the first four real regular French infantry figures while their drummer plus 3 Croatians are shortly to be finished as well. Great feeling, especially because this means another three completed units for bringing them to FIGZ this year.
This will raise the sum of finished units up to 26, representing now more then a hundred different figures.
Well - I should finish an officer for the Hanoverians which will ad another completed unit to that list.

It just feels great. I feel really motivated at the moment. Time to check my list of goals for 2013 again:
- I still have left two Swiss regiemts (12 figures)
- officer and drummer for Baden footguards to be done
- King Josephs Spanish guard (3 figures)
- Italian light infantry (at least four fusiliers to go along with my line infantry display)

11 figures done, 21 to go. Mmh.

I found an excellent site with descriptions and pictures of French infantry:
It' not only filled with pictures, but also with regimental stories, records and so on. Great work.

Well - I never payed much attention on the French army itself. Did I say I intend to paint EVERY different version of pre-Bardin uniform pattern worn? Er... This whole thing gets out of control. I just added the really differing French uniforms to my list - including the terrific but somewhat disturbing white-purple uniforms of the 33rd which I actually work on - and now the list has 326 entries.
326 figures - and Berjauds Website only scratches on top of an iceberg of more then a several hundred line and light infantry units that can be painted with the HaT line infantry set... Oh. My. God.

Considering the time it took me to paint these 100 figures, this whole mission might keep me busy for a complete decade. :-O