Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look what I found here...

Just when I need it the most: ground material for vignettes.

Can you believe that these little buggers lay in a small cabinet in the farthest corner of my parents-in-law's garage for more then three decades?

If all goes well, I can soon present more pictures of finished Spanish infantry. To be exact, I'm about to finish a marching coloumn of Walloon guards and some grenadiers of Zaragoza. But as I'm in parallel working on Francescos' test cast figures ( for the small figure contest at the small scale convention in Heiden (, I have lots of 90% finished figures on my desk - and nothing I can publish at the moment.

Sorry about that. But as a reward, you will get lots of nice pictures in about six weeks when I'm back from Heiden. Btw - I'm going to be there as a part of the guys that will show nice figures and dios at the booth of Bennos' figures forum. So if you like to join us there for a chat, you're very welcome. ;-)
(each chat will keep me from buying tons of new things, so pleeeeeaaaase come and visit us there!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spaniards on the (long) run

Well. Time is marching on. In a few days, my oldest son will have his first day at school. Summer in passing by. Public adminstration is doing things that are too ludicrous to be spoken about in public. Time for a little update, isn't it?

After you've seen the blue boys AKA HaT testshot figures of the forthcoming Napoleonic Spaniards, here's a little impression of how they look after being treated with some colour:

Here's a closeup:
I know, they still require some uniform shading. The units represented here are the Walloon guards, the Ultonia regiment and the Mallorca regiment. Most of the figures will be painted as Walloon guards, because I want them to go together with the mounted Spanish officer. I've started to paint the two grenadiers in the colours of the Zaragoza regiment - for the rest, I just don't know which units I will chose.

But what I know is, that these figures are really looking beautiful when painted. HaT has done quite a good work on them. Hopefully, I'll have at least two vignettes completed for Heiden soon enough.