Thursday, May 8, 2014

FIGZ approaches!

On 1st of June, FIGZ 2014 is about to take place in Arnhem, the Netherlands, again! Check for more details and location info. It's going to be a great day with lots of other figure enthusiasts again.
For this years' show, I have prepared a small dio for which I bought the figures at last years' FIGZ. The idea is completed, although I still think about giving the self-made trees a little finishing.

Oh - and the single-figure-contest figure of mine will certainly ring a bell for Peter from Peters' Cave. :-)

Some days ago, I bought some 40*36cm picture frames at a local thrift shop. I already arranged the Westphalians on it. It fits by size, but I'm still not sure how the terrain should look like and how I could mount all that stuff and still be able to do the groundwork in the gaps between a 3-row-infantry coloumn. Well - I still have at least two months to make it, but I'm not sure that it'll be half way done until FIGZ.

Right. I'm literally back on plastic again. And I know that those mobile phone snaps are a bit disgusting - better photos will follow a little bit later. These chaps represent French Coast Guards from 1811 and are the result of a 2-evenings painting session to restart my 'All pre-bardin uniform type units'-project. Next will be French mineurs - mostly because they're all black and blue and quick to paint.
Honestly, I'm glad having re-started this sort of painting project because, no matter how nice the result looks, painting armies is not my part of the story. Really not.

So - hope to see you at FIGZ, folks!