Friday, October 21, 2016

'A long way home' - ISSC competition entry

I almost forgot that I wanted to show you some pictures of my diorama for this year's ISSC competition.
Once again, I used some figures from Alex' dystopian future set. You can find them and more of his work here.

I called the diorama 'A long way home'. It's a family on it's way back home through a post-apocalyptic environment.

They reach the outskirts of a village. There's a road barrier here - seems as if there has been a battle taken place for this spot, only a short while ago.
Nevertheless, they are prepared. Mommy is armed.
Look at all that debris and the empty bullet shells on the road. Autumn is coming and the wind is taking brown leafs from the nearby trees onto the old, wet road.

Once there was a big old house standing here. It must have been hit by something really big - all that's left now, are piles of debris.

...and you will laugh when I tell you how I created that huge amount of bricks and debris: I simply took three or four evenings of time and shreddered all plastic sprues that I had available. Recycled plastic parts, inked in bright grey and then heavily washed with two strong tones of dye. Simple, but with a good effect.
The whole diorama has been build during a period of about four or five months and finally won a bronze medal. :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Angels once again

Mmpf. It's October. Which means that the time for XMas-markets is closing in. Which means that my mom-in-law is setting up all her stuff for having enough decoration material to sell on XMas-markets. Which, again, means that she needs supplies. Supplies for little crafted angels. Which, again, means that she had begged me to paint 'faces' on little wooden balls.
*sigh* Okay. If she askes me, I guess it's the best thing to do her this favor. Even if it means not having the time for painting Napoleonic figures. Or getting along with that SU100 that I bought in Heiden.

And I mean it's a lot of wooden balls...
...even more then you can see on this picture.

Wish me luck. I can need it.