Thursday, September 22, 2016

OMG - I just published my first book! :-D

At first, I must say sorry because normally, I'm not the kind of guy who makes marketing for himself, but in this very case, I just can't spare you, because I'm so happy that I must share the story. Well. It's here. It's lying on my table. I can touch it. It's really physical.

Folks, I still can't fully believe it. I've just published a novel. For years and years, I have started to write more then just one story, but never finished one. I even started to write a historical story which I work on from time to time - for more then five years now. Finally, I really made it. Thanks to Kindle's storyteller awards 2016, this time I had a certain deadline that determined me to complete my work right on time.

For the setting, I put up the popular zombie apokalypse scenario and altered it by trying to find an answer to the question that most dystopic novels put aside in order to focus on the outbreak itself: what if mankind survives such an outbreak in more or less good shape, with order being restored in fortified, highly populated safe zones? What would society look like, even if the facade shows no big change to the 'real world' in the first place? And what happens if all these fancy new technologies get into the wrong hands?

It's been fun to write this story which is in fact Part01 in a row of 3 or 4 books in total.
The book is available on Amazon (Alpha 67) as an EBook or in a printed version. Language is German (haven't started to make a translation into English yet).

Well - now you know why there's not that much painting progress on my blog at the moment. I hope you understand.
But: there's more about figure to come soon. I still have to make a few good shots of my medal-winning contributions for this years' show in Heiden and I have some very interesting stuff on my desk, including Soviet tank riders, wolves from Nicolai and a real SU100 tank model kit. Isnt't that amazing? :-D

Stay tuned, friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

ISSC Heiden 2016

To my regret, this year marked the very last time of an event that I have joined as an exhibitor for several years now: the international small scale convention (ISSC) in Heiden, Germany. The organizers have decided to merge the show with the Euromodelexpo and move the whole thing to Lingen, a one hours' drive up to the north.

I'm still unsure whether to join in or not, because it has also been decided to let the event take place over a whole weekend, which would require to book a hotel for the night plus being away from the family for two days and so on and so on. Well - we'll see.

For this time, I can only say that it was a great day at Benno's figures forum booth. The competitions won me two medals (bronze and silver) - and I have been virtually 'beaten' by my elder son (10) who won a gold medal for his antique Greek warriors (nevertheless, I'm happy for him ;-)). Once again, I have learned a lot from other modeler's advice and tips that will help me with my future projects. So beware - there are several things to come.

For now, here are uncommented pictures from the show - just enjoy!