Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pretepeteeee - HalfTime!

Okay. Let's check the performance according to the 2016 plan I've published back in December. Where do I stand?

The planned agenda was this one:

  • One single- and one multi figure vignette for Heiden ISSC
  • One single-figure vignette for FIGZ
  • Baden jagers (which I must still buy)
  • Completing my 12 Russian-hussar-regiments display
  • 4 other Austrian lancers
  • Voltigeurs and command of the seven Italian line infantry regiments
  • Fusiliers of the Kingdom of Holland line infantry regiments
  • French colonial troops
  • Guards of Venice
  • Garde de Paris, white, green and red uniforms

When I compare that with what has really taken place on my painting desk, the result is rather odd.

  • Voltigeurs and command of the seven Italian line infantry regimetns - CHECK
  • Fusiliers of the Kingdom of Holland line infantry regimentes - CHECK
  • Multi-figure vignette for Heiden ISSC - CHECK
  • Single-figure vignette for FIGZ - CHECK
Well. That's it. The rest lays more or less started around, the Baden Jagers still not bought because of funding troubles (sry, Francesco). Instead, I've done quite a lot of different things:

  • Single figure for Heiden ISSC is ready, base construction has to be done
  • Painted 4 figures for 'special purposes'
  • Finished an Amazon, started 5 others
  • Started to paint two Hoplites just for fun
  • Started a French cantiniere
  • Started four Austrian Hungarian infantrymen
  • Started three Kingdom of Naples king's guard
  • Started two Sachsen-Coburg infantrymen
  • Started four Italian light infantrymen
  • Painted five French infantry casualties and that cornet on the picture above and below
  • Painted a a British light infantry soldier for the Peninsular war period for demonstration 
  • Finished display for French line rgt no. 30 (5 figures)
  • Finished a display with 9 Brunswick foot soldiers
  • Finished the voltigeurs for the 7 Kingdom of Holland line infantry regiments

So it's the same old problem again. Instead of doing the things I had planned, I'm doing everything else. M-)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Kingdom of Holland Voltigeurs of the line

My Kingdom of Holland branch for the Pre-Bardin-uniform project is nearing its' end.
I've finished the voltigeurs for the 8 line infantry regiments!

As far as I've seen, the regimental numbers were part of the cornet-shaped shako plates. That's far too small to be painted (at least by me and unless I have a supporting scanning-tunneling-microscope). Whatsoever - the line regiments are done.

This leaves one light infantry regiment and the Corps Israelite to be painted - and then I have a full display of Kingdom of Holland infantry ready. After that, I hopefully can switch over to the Italians once again and finish that army as well. :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hi everybody!

I've been in Arnhem at FIGZ today and to all of you who didn't come (or had a good excuse not to do so ;-)) - you missed a great day together with them miniature enthusiasts.

But no worry, here are the photos...

My evergrowing army

Lots of romans...

...and lots of Macedons

Massive bulk of roman soldiers

But beware...

...because the Asterix' gauls are just on the opposite table!

Jan's sandbox (the biggest sandbox of the show - yes, it's real sand)

Somewhat lousy painting from a lousy painter (just kidding - he knows how I mean it ;-))


My personal favourite - you remember these cheap one-coloured plastic indians from your childhood? 


Wonder if he finds some gold

Wonder if he has just taken the gold away. :-)

French incoming!

Impressive ruin.


And Russians all over the place

Clear message: butts up!

Waterloo wasn't only all about Hougoumont!

This is the wargamers' and shop owners' hall - more visitors came later on.

One of the wargamer cities - with a little specialty just because...

...the buildings are 3D-prints of really great quality.

Wargamers in action - roll the dice for 'em Frenchies, boy!

Dunno whether a '1' is good or bad for these chaps...

River boat full of beer-barians.

Or more cultivated - a cup of tea?

Multi-figure contest winner - the best idea: a Bennos' forum globe with one

figure for every land where members of Bennos' figure forum come from.

Group build: road to Arnhem. With contributions from all over the world

Each part representing a scene that could have taken place near Arnhem.

For example: early medieval

...even Roman...

Knights and ladies...

And foreign troops heading for France

Dutch standing guard

And foreign troops heading the other way 'round.

Oh no! That lion escaped from Burger's Zoo!

And peace, bro!

Don't forget - come to FIGZ!

You can see barbarian villages there

And marvellous trees.

Interesting vignettes and dioramas

And even buy your own Frederic the Great

Just avoid standing around

And avoid open gates!