Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission 1: accomplished

Phew. It's done. 96 figures later, I'm finally done with painting the Kingdom of Westphalia paint-conversions.
It took me nearly 6 months of time, an uncounted number of painting hours and lots of nerves and volition to stay only on this project, not getting distracted.
Not to mention those awful evenings when I painted muskets or shakos all night long.
A picture of the full 'army' (excluding the artillery gun)
Well - here's the gun...

In fact, I'm really glad with the results. It required a lot of patience and research to complete this 'army' and I'd like to say a lot of thanks to Alfons Cánovas and his great blog from which I got (or could further research) the required answers to the often contradictory uniform descriptions for the army of the Kingdom of Westphalia. In fact, I got several different descriptions for guard uniforms alone. So in fact, it's very hard to figure out which source is right about which details.

Some staff officers
 As said before, I have used a mixture of metal figures from Schmaeling (Art Miniatures)  and Schilling Schilling-Figuren which really look great side-by-side, although the Art figures look a bit rougher while the Schilling figures are a bit more detailed. Nevertheless - the mix looks great and together, it's the wides range of stand-by Napoleonic French-type infantry figures that you can find on the market.
Fusilier guards (conversions)
I had to make a lot of additional plumes, cords, epaulettes, tassels and stuff in order to get the right results. So green stuff was one of my best friends. Hope you like the results so far - now it's up to me to find the right base for arranging these figures to a diorama that will at least be 25*36cm in total - Mission 2, so to say.

Sorry for not posting anything in the last weeks, but what should I have posted? Pictures of Westphalians in all stages of completion... *yawn*

Well. Time for other projects now. Btw - do you remember this guy?