Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Full table

Geeeeezzzz - what happened to this January? It just started yesterday - why the heck is it already January 20?

I have recently finished the 32nd French line regiment (white uniforms). Unfortunately, the weather is too bad to make proper photos. I usually put my photobox into position at the backyard window - but for good photos, I need at least some sun. I'll deliver some pics later on, I promise.

In order to get forward with my Pre-Bardin-uniform project, I ordered another box of HaT French Line Infantry. The next day I started with conversion work. I took my sources and started to create units from my list of Italian troops. 

To make 7 Italian line grenadiers, you need 21 figures...
Conversion work is always a gory thing - you have to chop off heads, plumes, limbs and legs etc.
Finally, I ended up with a handful of grenadier heads for which I will never ever have any practical use.

 But finally, I had nearly 30 figures on my desk ready for painting, representing 8 units.

During the last two weeks, I made some basic painting work. Still it'll take some more weeks to fully complete those units. I suppose that the next thing to be ready will be the Spanish line infantry (center of the picture, brown uniforms).

Oh - good news by the way: today I received my Baden infantry, designed by Franznap and produced by Schilling. Thank you very much for that, friends - those are extremely detailed and beautiful figures. I can't wait to paint them. :-)