Sunday, July 31, 2016

French Cantiniere

Here's something a bit unusual that I bought back at FIGZ this year: a French cantiniere, made by Hagen miniatures. It comes together with a French casualty begging for a last drink.

This figure also comes together with a number of goods and equipment that you can glue onto her 'belt' - but when using all that stuff, the figure looks a bit overloaded to me, so I left that stuff behind. In addition, that woman is pretty small. In comparizon to the normal 1/72 infantryman, she appears to represent a woman who would be in real life not larger then 145 to 150 cm. Nevertheless, this figure is a nice addition when you've painted a greater number of firing/reloading infantry.

If you want to know about the women serving as Cantinieres in the French army, here's a good article: Cantinieres

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Italian Light Infantry Voltigeurs

In addition to my Pre-Bardin unform project, here are the Voltigeurs for the four light infantry regiments of the Kingdom of Italy. Again, I can only say that I like that green.

For this unit, only command and grenadiers (carabiniers) are missing and then it's done.

In the last weeks, I have been busy with some other stuff. For example, I painted some figures that I bought at the booth of Hagen miniatures at the FIGZ. I also bought a set of Austrian Hungarian line infantry command, which is currently under construction. And then, there are Amazons. Another great challenge, because painting a figure without clothes is something completely different.

Oh - and I finished this years' special collectors' figure for FIGZ and put in on the forum:
Every year, Alex from Moscow models a special figure for FIGZ. He is - in my eyes - one of the greatest miniature modelers. If you don't know him and his work, have a look at his website:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kingdom of Naples - Royal guards

Another unit that I virtually found 'by random' when looking for something completely different, was the King's Royal guard of the Kingdom of Naples. It was shown on a little painting and I found a confirmation regarding this unit on the web, but no specification about the time period when this unit existed. Due to the fact that many uniforms changed from the double breast pre-Bardin style to a single breast version under King Murat, I suppose that this example is from the earlier years of the Kingdom of Naples.

It's a very colourful uniform, with fusiliers, voltigeurs and grenadiers having different distinctive colours. There is little to be modified for getting this unit done.

Next will be the rest of the Kingdom of Holland units and Italian light infantry.