Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Baden snapshot

The last few weeks flew away and I'm still not sure where they went to so fast. In the meantime, I have finished something for the competitions at this years FIGZ which is about to take place in Arnhem on the 4th of June. Yeah - plenty of time, I know, but it's always feeling comfortable to be done with the homework early enough.

The next thing was to continue with my Baden Jagers. After finishing these, I have 4 figures from that set left which are almost complete. Next task will be to paint them two sets of fusiliers.

Well - although it's all about green, green, grey, black and only a bit of white and gold, I still love these chaps and their uniforms. In fact, it's quite a good thing that they come without backpacks because usually, they cover the largest part of the figures backside so that you see lesser of the uniform colour. In case of the French for example, I always asked myself why they were called 'le bleu' when most what you can see is actually white...

The jager on the left side is one of these figures that allows a bit of conversion because both arms are separate. This figure is support to reload his rifle, but he also looks good as a spotter, doesnt't he?

The most cool pose of them all is that of the officer. Francesco made a really great job on that figure. With that hand on his back, sword held ready and a slightly snobbish look on his face, he makes a realistic look of an officer supervising his soldiers.

In addition you have that great sergeant. One of the advantages of Franznap's sets is that all figures of a set work together very well, no matter what combination you chose.

Now I have the Jagers ready, I have the Austrian infantry and the largest number of Austrian cavalry ready, it's about to start with the fusiliers. When I have all these figures painted, I can start to assemble the diorama.

Things take time. Good things take longer time. ;-)