Monday, September 9, 2013

Heiden 2013 - what a nice day!

Hello, friends and followers!

Back again. I can hardly believe that this years' Heiden small scale show is already over and done again.
On the one hand, it makes me sad - I really miss having the free time for painting. On the other hand, I'm really thankful for having had that day of relaxation among other hobbyists.
For hours, painting and chatting was all I had to do - marvellous!

If you like too see more photos, you can do so on Bennos' forum:

Btw - a week ago, I received my first metal Franznap miniatures, the Kingdom of Naples guard velites.
I could not withstand to take them with me to Heiden, where they gained a lot of attention.

And I could also not withstand to start painting them - modified as Westphalian guard grenadiers.
Well... I can only say WOW. Great work, Francesco, and really worth their price. It's really great quality with no extra metal to be cut off, no flaws, etc. Plus they are great to paint - richly detailed and having everything just at the right place. And yes - they are not completely done and the drum is also not complete.

And to my great happyness, I won a price again: bronze medal in the standard single figure contest with a very lonesome rider on guard:
There's a fox in behind...

A little bit larger...
Where is he looking at?
My best regards go to Bookman who created this great, unique model tree which is the center part of this little diorama. I can only say that there's a hell of a lot that I must learn regarding diorama building.

Unfortunately, the show lacked an adequate number of visitors. Let's hope that the organizers will give the show another try next year - from the fun factor, I can already say that I'm going to be there for sure.