Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guess what? It's Westphalians all over the place

Hi again!

It's not as if I don't paint miniatures anymore. It's only that it seems I'm just painting Westphalians, over and over and over again. This is exactly why I never painted whole armies - again, I'm suffering from painting the same things for hours. Oh. It's Thursday - that's boots'n shakos' day... hurray... M-(

The advantage (the only one) is: when you finish something, you finish quite a bunch of figures at once.
And I cannot deny that I'm really pleased with the first results. So here are some little impressions, shot with my smartphone camera - picture quality could be much better, as could be the lighting.

First example is a squad of Guard jaeger (chasseurs/hunters) in their magnificent green/yellow uniforms.
Honestly, I wanted to paint these guys since a long, long time. Finally, I made it.
This unit is a mixture of Schilling and Schmaeling metal figures. As you can see, they fit together really well.

The first line infantrymen are also finished. As these will be the bulk of the planned dio, there are more of them to follow soon. Next will be painting metal parts and hair colours over and over again...
These figures are completely from Schilling.
Oh - and I painted a Napoleonic cannon for the first time. It's an 8pd Gribeauval gun, once again a metal model from Schmaeling. Art-miniatures has several different cannons to offer and they come as a construction kit - quite delicate, with small parts and not easy to assemble when you are such a bad tinkerer as I am. Nevertheless, the model itself looks really nice. No comparizon with those cheap gun models from the plastic soldier sets.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight in my current project. I still have around 30 foot figures plus the 6 mounted general staff figures to be painted. Guess this'll keep me busy for a while.