Saturday, May 30, 2015

FIGZ preparations...

Okay - I've got my Baden infantrymen ready to go. And, of course, no photo unless they've passed the contest. It's unlikely to win a painting contest just with a bunch of Napoleonics - but that's just fine. I mainly do this as a little promotion for Francescos' marvellous figures. ;-)

Before starting to pack my bags for FIGZ, I had to print out some new labels for the units which I have completed in the last few months. Therefore I had to reactivate an old computer which is, so to say, only left because of the software for creating those unit description labels.

So in general, I'm ready for FIGZ now. Hope to see you there! ;-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here we go again (and only one and a half week left until FIGZ!)

Well. I've moved. I'm still sitting between packing cases, but it'll be done in a few weeks. Hopefully. ;-)

But sometimes, there is enough time left for taking up the brush and paint a little bit. Achievements maybe small, but at least there are some.

The reason why I haven't finished the Italian guard grenadiers yet is simply that I can't find this certain red colour for their uniforms... it's in one of these boxes... but which one? 

I'm currently trying to finish the Baden infantry until FIGZ (7th of June in Arnhem, don't miss it!) and I'm quite sure that I'll make it right on time.

...little spoiler...
If you like these figures, you should check out Francescos website ( - it looks as if he currently works on a complete coverage of Baden units for the Napoleonic period: Baden general staff, jaegers, dragoons... my oh my. Will be a heavy blow to my purse, I guess.
But as far as I know, there's no other Badeners in 20mm available on the market, so this is pretty unique stuff filling a gap in the Napoleonic figure range.

By the way - some days ago I received a parcel from Moscow. I ordered the post-apocalyptic figure set A09, which contains some veeeery special figures. Thank you so much, Alex!

That's not Napoleonic? I know. But 1st I'm preparing something non-Napoleonic for this years' Heiden show and 2nd these figures are so damn great that I just couldn't miss them. I've got at least three mini-dio ideas in mind using these figures. The set contains more figures then just these four, by the way. ;-)

In my opinion, Alex is among the top-notch figure modellers in the 20mm scene. His medieval figures are sold via Hagen miniatures. But he also has a small own line that he presents and sells via So if you're in Medievals or you like modern army figures, Alex definitely is your man!

So much for today. Oh - and don't forget: