Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hands up!

 Bam! Especially for my guestes from Poland: a hussar from the 13th (Duchy of Warsaw) hussar regiment.
See other pictures of it in my hussars' thread:
There you will also find a picture of the next finished HaT 1806 hussar, this time painted in the colours of the Bla hussars from Sweden (no, it's not 'blablabla', it's really the name of the regiment, note I currently have 5 unpainted figures from that set left, so I'll have another few interesting uniform patterns to show. But as I earlier said, I'm not very glad about the poorly detailed, slender little figures and their stompy horses, so it's finally only a showcase setup of some hussars, but nothing to invest more time and energy into. I'm not going to buy another box of these figures.

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