Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy wargamer!

Back at the FIGZ convention which took place this years' June in Goor, the Netherlands, the forum members of Bennos' forum and the exhibitors received a very special gift: the Happy Wargamer!

This figure has exclusively been sculpted by the marvellous artist Alex Gussev from Russia, who is a professional miniature sculptor. Alex creates unbelievably great figures, mainly of medieval background. Maybe you just drop on by at and search for topics posted by Alex in order to enjoy his creations.

Well - for a long time I kept this figure untouched in it's plastic bag as a collectors' item, although some forum members posted their painted variations. I have now decided to give my Happy Wargamer some paint just because of the fun of it - and it was really fun to paint it. This figure is a first class sculpting. Thanks to Alex for this great piece of art!

And here it is:
The base contains 13 letters which are painted in the flag colours of the countries with the most users at Bennos' figures forum. Here's a closeup:
The flags are painted from left to right in the order of the amount of enlisted users. So if anyone wants to complain about seeing his countries' colours too far on the right side (or nowhere at all), don't blame me - bring more figure painters and miniature collectors of your country to our forum!

1 comment:

  1. You even included the Australian flag! Hurrah!

    Painting the Union Jack on the dot of the 'i' must have sent you cross-eyed :-)

    Lovely work!