Saturday, October 15, 2011

Britain hurray!

Ah - I'm back from a week of vacation at the Northern Sea with my family. The weather was 80% great, the kids had their fun and me - well, I took along a pack of HaT Wurttemberg infantry, but our appartment had the most annoying lighting I've ever seen. There was no room in which I found enough light in order to have some painting fun at all! Unbelievable!

At least, I managed to make some headswaps (all marching fusiliers turned into grenadiers) and do some prepainting. But as it was not what I have planned, I'm somewhat happy to be back at home.

I even was without a constant internet access for more then a week now, but I have noticed that in the meantime, I had the 100st visitor from Great Britain on my blog. Wow - that's really great!
So this one here is especially for you (although I hope it wouldn't offend people from Wales or Scotland ;-)) - with a big Hurray for good old Britain!

To be honest, I wanted to paint these figure anyway. It's from the Strelets set 011 Allied chiefs of staff. This set contains a number of Austrian and British officers. Due to a lucky catch on Ebay, I got at least the British part of this set which is currently very rare and seldom to be seen.

Update October, 31st:
Well... for the Scots among you:

What news might he bring? (horse guard staff sergeant)
Well - where the heck are our guns? (horse guard trumpeter and horse artillery sergeant)
And here are some more...

Okay - here's the rest of it. The guy with the overdimensioned hand is the infantry officer that by definition of Strelets holds a waving flag. But as this flag is much too small to prevent looking hilarious, I simply cut it off. Interesting is that on the photo, this guy seems to peer - this seems to depend on the angle from which you look to the figure.

So what's up with the rest?
Uxbridge and the table were missing when I bought these figures on ebay. Cotton looks ridiculous, as does Hill (in the latter case, the two halfs of his face don't match which gives him a quite odd look). I also don't like the Wellington figure. Picton will be needed for a different object because of his gentleman-like look and I'm not sure what to do with the generals that normally are intended to hang around the (not available) table.
So at this time, I'd say this is it and close this project... for now.

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  1. Grat job Zed!!! Next holydays put a light on your bag!